Questions About Counseling

Therapy offers hope for a positive transformation that can impact the rest of your life.

What Are The Benefits of Counseling?


Everyone goes through challenging situations at one time or another. Although you may have not needed extra support for difficulties in the past, sometimes counseling is necessary to help with a particular problem or a stressful time in your life.

The benefits of counseling may include:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself and your goals and values
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms
  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Developing skills that can improve your relationships
  • Replacing unhealthy or harmful behavior patterns with new ones
  • Managing symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression, sorrow, shame, and anger
  • Honoring and releasing the pain of loss, separation, divorce, neglect, abuse, and abandonment

What Can I Expect During The Counseling Process?

Every individual is different and so the number of sessions and my therapeutic approach varies according to your specific needs. In general, you can expect to discuss the current events happening in your life, your personal history relevant to your presenting issue(s), and any progress or new insights.

I believe counseling is a partnership between myself and my clients, and I view collaboration as paramount to a successful outcome. In general, the more involved you are in the process, the more benefits you can expect to achieve. My ultimate goal is to help you apply the insights and skills you learn in session to your life.

Successful counseling requires a high degree of trust with highly sensitive subject matter that is usually not discussed anywhere but the counselor’s office. You can learn more about confidentiality and your rights in my Informed Consent Service Agreement form.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about privacy or the counseling process in general.

Christianne Downey

Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider